Shepherdess of Domremy hearkens to her voices…



by Sister Teresa

Carmelite of Lisieux



Happy, happy am I,
Jeanne the shepherdess!
How swift my lambkins fly
To meet my kind caress.

How light my little crook;
How cool this verdant grove,
Beside whose babbling brook
In solitude I rove.

A lovely crown I weave
Of field-flowers, fair and sweet;
What joy is mine to leave
That crown at Mary’s feet!

Oh, how I love the flowers,
The birds, the rippling stream
The skies above these bowers
As fair as angel’s dream.

The valleys and the rills
Rejoice my longing eyes;
The summits of the hills,
They seem to touch the skies!

But hark! What voices come
Upon the evening breeze?
Do angels seek my home
With melodies like these?

I question air and space,
I gaze into the skies;
And yet no slightest trace
Of angels greets my eyes.

Ah, past those clouds that bar
And veil them from my sight,
Would I might fly afar
To realms of radiant light!




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