Saint Joan of Arc Reincarnated



Saint Joan of Mars


I love Saint Joan of Mars.  Look at her.  She’s lovely.  After landing in Arizona to campaign for President Barack Obama’s re-election, she is Saint Joan of Arizona now!  She has decided to stay!!!

Her entourage of 6,000 invisible Martians has beamed back to Mars.  She stays alone.  She stays to pray ~ to pray for Arizona.  Hallelujah, Arizona!  Hallelujah!!!

Everybody who has met her knows Saint Joan of Mars is the reincarnation of Saint Joan of Arc.  Go ahead, ask me again.  She is.  She is the same Joan of Arc with whom Mark Twain fell in love.  He wrote a beautiful book about her ~ one long first-person narrative.

Oh if I was Mark Twain!  If I was Mark Twain…




6 thoughts on “Saint Joan of Arc Reincarnated

    • I enlisted Saint Joan of Arc via prayer in my campaign for the president’s re-election. You might say via the tradition of Mark Twain, she has reincarnated as Saint Joan of Mars. And now, now she is Saint Joan of Arizona. Hallelujah!

      You have a very interesting blog…

      As for the danger you speak of, what else is new, Simon Peter?

    • Obama is her Charles VII, duly elected, and the bishop hasn’t showed up yet. Or is it Bishop La Pierre of the NRA? Ahhh yes, Joan has been wondering out loud ~ for what do we need an assault rifle in every nut-cake’s hand?

      • Ah, well…which comes first, the rifle or the nutcake? Our leaders seem more serious about the former than the latter, don’t they? A saint though, would likely be more concerned with the nutcakes, I should think… Christian charity rather than power politics, right? But it’s true that I know little of either…

        • Now, now, we all know nut-cakes without assault weapons are much easier to handle than those spraying bullets. And I’m sure Joan is quite partial to Christian charity, but we must remember that in her former life as a young peasant maiden she wasn’t supposed to lead French armies against the English occupiers ~ let alone win. As for our leaders, let’s take Obama, I think he’s lucky Joan is on his side…

          Thank you, Mr. Curtis, for dropping by. Please feel free to opinionize futher on this topic as well as any other around here. Your acute observances are highly valued by yours truly.

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