Gun 2013






Tramp on trail ~ all is I ~ awandering into a canyon & bouncing into the stars.  My mind is fading.  My heart growing weak.  Various lines are thrown ~ dangling lures sparkle & beckon ~ tapping ‘gainst the brim of my hat & occasionally I snap.  More or less, that’s what you are dealing with here.

Thanks for letting me into your sweet abode.  Please, may I stay a moment.  Thank you, it’s been a week now, a month, a year, two years ~ gotta go, gotta go.

But before I leave this cozy confessional, I’d like to weave another endless tale & not leave at all, ye poor host of whom I take such advantage.  Do my thoughts seem scattered?  They are.  You give.  I receive.  Then one day this son-of-a-bitch is gone.  Walking along, I step up into a ride, a stranger’s privately owned vehicle, or a trolley, a bus, a train or a plane ~ zoom like a comet out of your life and away.  A span of time ferments the tale & what?  Yours truly is dropping by again.  Oh well.

Let me please nail down a thought here ~ it seems to be taking another moment.  We gotta discuss some stuff.  Yes, the planet is turning, fuel is burning, and if we’re not careful, bold & brave & willing to securely tie our boots & nudge a goon, they are going to be all over  the place brandishing guns.

There are various ways of approaching this mess, this creation, evolution, revolution, oh it is a ball ~ let’s waltz!  Okay.  You got the duly elected president and you got the NRA.  The National Rifle Association.  Many belong, ammo rattling, magazines clicking, bang ~ and bullets singing, which can obviously be deadly.  Nobody wants to get in the way of true justice ~ or maybe not so true justice.

What makes the NRA so sad is its leaders, the way they promote a culture to, quite frankly, sell guns.  I’ll get to the point.  The bad thing, the unacceptable thing about the NRA is how their leadership has been talking about the president.  Consequently these guys have become slanderous, fraudulent, unacceptable.  They’re gonna have to be muzzled, incarcerated, starved & subjugated.  In other words, the members of the NRA need to find themselves a new kind of leader ~ or their association is going to shrink & disappear in a sickening puff of smoke.  If what their leaders  have been saying was true, it might be okay.  But too much of what they’ve been saying is not.

For a number of years they’ve been spreading lies about U.S. President Barack Obama that are not very nice, bright, right or wise.  Unfortunately I cannot at the moment remember what these lies all are.  I’ll have to do some research.  All I presently know is often times when the NRA executive vice-president, Wayne La Pierre, opens his mouth, these lies & a quaint perspective come pouring out like, for example, President Obama is going to take away everybody’s firearms.  Please, give us a break, Mr. Banana Clip!

This poor old tramp, me, would really like to come in out of the wind for a while & relax.   But then a little monster like La Pierre comes along & I gotta go to work spewing words again.  It really tightens my cinch.

~ Rawclyde!


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