Resource officers coming…



Press Release


The National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) recently applauded President Obama’s call for more resource officers in the nation’s schools.

According to documents released January 16 by the White House, the administration will give preference to applicants for COPS Hiring Grants who plan to use the grants to hire specially trained SROs (school resource officers).

In addition, the White House proposed a new Comprehensive School Safety program, which would give $150 million to school districts and law enforcement agencies to hire SROs, school psychologists, social workers, and counselors.

Quotes from Mo Canady, executive director, NASRO, Hoover, Alabama:

“The President’s proposals demonstrate that his administration fully understands the training and role of specially trained, carefully selected school resource officers. The White House proposals are right on target in this regard.”

“We’re happy that the President’s proposal does not mention armed guards. Instead, it refers only to specially trained school resource officers. There’s been a lot of confusion about armed guards recently and NASRO agrees that SROs are the only armed persons who should work on school campuses. To arm others, especially educators or volunteers, could be a recipe for disaster.”

“The president is absolutely correct to advocate for a comprehensive emergency management plan for every school. NASRO has helped schools develop such plans for years. We’re ready and eager to help the administration create model plans for schools.”


School-based police officers (also known as school resource officers) are specially trained, carefully selected, full-time law enforcement officers who work in schools as their primary assignments.

SROs are much more than armed guards. They develop relationships with students and staff and participate in the education of students.

SROs enhance, rather than detract from the learning environment. Students learn that the officers are their friends, not someone to fear.

NASRO is dedicated to providing the highest quality of training to school-based law enforcement officers in order to promote safer schools and safer kids.



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