Sor Maria de Jesus de Agreda comes to America…



Sor Maria de Jesus de Agreda (1602 – 1665), also known as Sister Mary Agreda, or the Lady in Blue, survived the Spanish Inquisition, advised the King of Spain, and left an even more inspiring legacy in her chronicle of the life of the mother of Jesus in The Mystical City of God, an eight volume set of tomes, in which she also described her own spiritual visions of Holy Mary…



Sor Maria de Jesus de Agreda also is known to have mystically appeared in the American Southwest ~ most notably in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. There, she is revered as the legendary Lady in Blue because of the miraculous nature of her preaching appearances to the Indians, that is, without arriving by boat like all the rest of the Spaniards.  The widespread effect of her missionary work is cited in numerous historical texts of the time, predating the famous Padre Eusebio Kino’s more conventional missionary work…



Yet, Sister Mary Agreda has yet to be canonized a saint, though there has been increasing groundswell to do so since the 400th anniversary of her birth in 2002…

~ info from Marilyn Fedewa


Note from Rawclyde!

Being a red-blooded American Catholic boy, I couldn’t help but run across the popular abridgement of The Mystical City of God by venerable Mary Agreda translated from the original Spanish by Fiscar Marison (Rev. George J. Blatter).  Alas, I read this fascinating fat tome from cover to cover.  Years later, stumbling into the desert town of Yuma and abiding there for a spell, after having read such a book and another beauty entitled Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill, being who I was, I couldn’t help writing, DEEP DESERT BLUES.  It took about 3 years for me to write this narrative rhyme, a long one in which I had a vision of the Mother of Jesus in the midst of a mystical adventure of my own.  It’s fiction of course.  You can read the vision part starting right here ~ ~ and onward.  If you do read this, though, be careful ~ it rhymes ~ so you might start singing…



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