Master of the world…

Jules Verne illustration


You just can’t fight civilization, it’s all over the planet now

so I best take a bath or I’ll get no smile with my chow

damn it, it’s a hell of a situation to be in, I swear

taking a bath in a cereal bowl, gotta grin n’ not despair


Little monkey up the park tree offer his shaky hand

to ‘de big dog barking below so fierce & grand

peacock with feathers spread out like a masterpiece fan

strut around like he most colorful puke in theese land


You just can’t fight civilization, it’s too damn big a beast

so I pour water into the bowl halfway to ‘de brim at least

soap up, rinse, pour dirty water into shit bucket behind ‘de door

repeat this action a few mo’ times without spilling water on ‘de floor


Once two curious crows with hello squawks fly over my head

cactus wren jump outta hole up in cactus onto branch wish I was dead

lets me know too, balls me out and angrily flies around

I just stand there with a mug of whiskey & coke & don’t make a sound


Here in the city with rubbing alcohol I cut the soap grease

give me-self one more rub-down, put on clean clothes that got a crease

lock up the truck, go eat, waitress is friendly as can be

I’m just an old rubber tramp but she treats me quite royally


No, you can’t fight civilization, who wants to anyway?

Just roll with the punch & go eat lunch, that’s what I say

birds, rocks, trees, individuals everywhere have a role to play

The Spirit That Moves In All Things made it that o’ way…


from an out-of-print book

A Love Song To The American Lizard

by Rawclyde!

(Copyright Clyde Collins 1999)



an old Jules Verne concoction



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