From Jules Verne to the moon...


GUN 2013

Chapter 2


Guns.  Bullets.  Death.  Horror.  Click.  I just turned the TV off.  None of that in my life.  And no car or phone.  I’ve got my feet & e-mail ~ for better or worse.  Hallelujah.

I got cities big and small ~ homeless shelters, soup lines.  Or a tent ~ I tried that once ~ it was very nice in the trees outside a little city in Arizona.  And jobs ~ they’re everywhere or used to be.  I’ve always found jobs one way or another as easily as I could.  Or had no job.  Which means no money.  Which is no problem but is a bit tiresome.  I built a nice expansive campground of stories & poetry on the internet.  I’ve been living there lately ~ right there on the internet.  I’m the groundsman at the campground on the internet.  Visitors come & go.  I don’t own a computer.  I like to use community college computers ~ or a poor friend’s computer.  Public Library computers get tiresome ~ but they work okay too.

Don’t forget gyms ~ as in physical fitness.  They’re everywhere.  I workout some at the gym in spurts ~ one month, three months, six months.  Now I’m over sixty, approaching the hills of eternal mystery.

I’ve lived in a truck ~ done that twice.  I’ve rented apartments ~ once a trailer ~ pretended the trailer was a haunted tugboat half-buried in the sand & took a trip to heaven in it ~ with a little help from a little whiskey.  That became a book.

Lots of books provide mind travel.  It depends on the book how far you get.  You can read yourself right into heaven with the book I wrote in that trailer.  You can acquaint yourself with saints by reading certain books.  You can go to hell with Dante ~ that’s quite a trip.  You can go to hell with a whole lot of other authors too.  I’m pretty careful about the books I read.  I’ve read some real beauties.  I consider them good fuel for good thought.  When I lived in the tent in a patch of trees, reading books was my job.  I read the better ones.  I hired myself for that job ~ no pay ~ except for what I read.  About the time I finished reading a fat tome on the history of global capitalism, which was a real fine and slow read, the economy collapsed.  Needless to say I was ready for the event.

What am I getting at?  Where am I going with this?  What’s my point?  What’s your point?  What’s our point?  What point?  The pencil point?  Let’s make a star the point.  Let’s see if we can’t reach that distant star.  Maybe it’s heaven.  Maybe it’s not.

So what’s up with guns in these United States of America?  How about Syria?  There’s a hot spot.  Click.  I’ve turned the TV off.  No more Syria.  But we know Syria is there ~ way over there around the curve of the planet.  The Syrians are in the midst of armed revolution against tyranny ~ a real adventure ~ call it war, call it hell, or maybe even redemption ~ depending upon the individual or collective experience.  And probably the better the guns they got, the better off they are.

It’s our ongoing theme on these pages, on this cyber scroll, in this electric glow emitting from the screen, for your eyes only.  Guns.  We are a-dwell on this theme.  It’s the theme I picked.  U.S. President Barack Obama picked it too.  The crazy boy with the assault weapon who recently murdered 20 first-graders and 6 educaters of children, picked it.  We’re his victims.  And he’s our victim.  It’s our favorite theme this year because a good two-thirds of the nation wants these face-splattering tools of smoky thunder regulated better.  But there’s a whole bunch of Americans who feel wrong & defenseless without guns.  And they’re afraid the government wants to take away their guns.

So if you watch too much gun-play on TV what do you get?  Is it a lust for blood?  Click.  I think I’ll go outside & rake some leaves.  Enjoy the weather.  Go some place else in my mind ~ some place better.  I might even hop the trolley and go visit an old friend I haven’t seen for a long time.  Or I might not.


~ from Rawclyde!


The spittin' image of Davy...

Fess Parker, the spittin’ image of Davy Crockett


Guns, Militias and Public Safety




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