love slave

love slave


I happen to have here
a little cupid in my hand

I toss him up n’ away
oh where shall he land?

Oh lookie! Right on
the tip of your nose

The arrow from his bow
whoa, there it goes

Hits you
right in the eye

Strangers in the night
exchanging glances


cupid blues


6 thoughts on “love slave

        • Anant, that’s a real fine interview you conducted with Ashwin Sang, the India commercial fiction writer. Lots of wisdom knocking around in the interplay that a short-sighted nitwit like myself should heed. Yours truly is lucky you dropped by!

          What might be a lot of fun, if you feel like it, is if you were to read a little story I wrote a long time ago called, Road’s Cannon, and then unabashedly tell me what you think of it. That would be really neat! Of course I would understand totally if you didn’t want to read it. You are probably a real busy person. And you don’t know me at all. I’m lost way back in the weeds when it comes to a genius like Ashwin Sang ~ but you might really enjoy this…

          Road’s Cannon is a pretty little story about a young feller who, after draft dodging the Vietnam War, gets out of jail for doing so and, lo and behold, he finds an old Civil War cannon ~ then what he does with it in an attempt to educate society. It’s crazy and silly and occasionally quite poetic. I wrote it when I was 23-years-old. I can’t get anybody else to read it. Well, maybe I haven’t tried hard enough until now.

          Anyway, Mr. Prakash, here’s the address if you want to examine the possibilities:

          Thank you for your patience…


  1. Update:

    I took a look at Anant Prakash’s post as requested immediately above. He and his cohorts are mostly young adults in India discussing the future of their country and are quite concerned. India has embraced global capitalism and, I gather, its traditional culture is in some ways left spinning. The rest of Prakash’s blog, what I explored of it, is ~ refreshing! I shall contact him by-n-by, to see how he’s doing with the reading of ~ Road’s Cannon…

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