Duel at Diablo 1966

President Barack Obama and a school resource officer disarm Senator John McCain because, according to a recent background check, he is insane…


GUN 2013

Chapter 3


I am only minute chaff a-dangle on the edge of a scratch on the omniscient chessboard.  Squirrel meat & berries, in the end, could be my only subsistance.  Death comes.  Veil pierced.  What’s next?  A power-that-be moves another piece and the game continues, always a-dangle on the edge of its own catastrophic consequences.

Iran wants nuclear capabilities ~ or the bomb.  We’ve got ’em weakly surrounded with weak democracies recently forged ~ Iraq, Afghanistan.  I don’t have a map to consult right now.  But that’s the geopolitical current event.

Exit Bush Jr.  Enter Obama.  Some call it weak.  Others call it peace.  Never the less, a pawn or maybe a rook moves.  Smite the Republicans.  Pummel the Democrats.  Check.

Presently, the war mongers won’t let the recently re-elected president have his reasonable compatible (for him not them) defense secretary.  They want another berserk bozo in there, instead, to match their own idiocy.  The powers-that-be moan and groan and I am one minute chunk of chaff a-dangle.  But I am also the White House’s favorite secret agent.  Maybe you are too.  It’s a matter of choice.


I have received an urgent e-mail from President Barack Obama.  He wants me to write my senator.  He wants me to sway the congressman or woman up another trail ~ common-sense gun regulation.  The president is tired of seeing innocent American children splattered by idiots wielding cherished assault weapons.  I’m tired of seeing this too.  It just ain’t right.  Assault weapons were originally designed for war.  Now every wanna-be cowboy in Texas has one ~ or collects them like match-box toys.

I’ll write my senator alright.  And I’m gonna discuss the dilemma of Chuck Hagel, the wanna-be defense secretary, too, in the letter.

God bless the children.

~ from Rawclyde!


Photo: Sidney Poitier & James Garner in Duel At Diablo (1966)



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