Tied-up by the Tea Party bunch…


U.S. President Barack Obama and the American People are held hostage in the basement of the House of Representatives by The Tea Party bunch.  This gang of extreme right-wing congressional thugs are out to weaken your economy and your government so that the filthy rich can get filthier & richer without closing tax loopholes.  Meantime a very important deadline day-by-day looms closer…  Tighten your cinches, America!


2 thoughts on “Tied-up by the Tea Party bunch…

    • Yes, THE TEA PARTY is different in America than it is over there, where ever you may be, in Europe, I believe. I’ve got to explore your blog more thoroughly, I think.

      The Tea Party here is a political right-wing group, encouraged and largely payed for by those who are much richer than our ordinary citizen. Yet ordinary citizens make up this conglomeration of raw American wishful-thinking. I think they’ve been duped by a lot of lies and are pretty much led by the nose. Other than that, they are fine folks and are a major segment of the backbone of our country here, being the United States. They’ve recently packed our House of Representatives in Washington D.C. with obstructionists beholden only to the super rich. It’s this bunch of congressional representatives who are referred to in this particular post o’ mine. And it’s this bunch of representatives, Republican, not Democrat, who, through an unfathomable ignorance, it seems, is prolonging our economic recession and keeping it positioned on the edge of falling back into a 1930s kind of Great Depression. Consequently the congressional Tea Party bunch work largely against the interests of the actual Tea Party ~ duped by lies and a waylaid perception of political reality.

      I’m very glad you dropped by! Otherwise I may not have ever really tried to define this group. This is only my own limited and bias perception. Other folks have their own views concerning The Tea Party in the USA. I hope I haven’t been too long-winded for your pleasure, Invisiblefranky!

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