Too much waiting…



GUN 2013

Chapter 10


Neither one of us know what our mission entails.  Our one order ~ go to Prescott AZ ~ has been realized.  We are in that town now.  We are in Prescott waiting waiting waiting for more orders.

We lean forever on the 3rd-floor balcony rail.  Submissivania’s short skirt slips higher up her smooth thigh when she puts forward one foot.  Says she, “How much longer must we wait?”

I slowly shake my head.  “I don’t know.”

“Not a clue?”

“Just the same old hunch ~ that it has something to do with ~ with gun law.”

Submissivania slowly shakes her head & sighs, “Washington D.C.”

I oh so slowly nod ~ and say nothing more.

We raise our cups at the same time, sip our coffee.  These cups from the lobby downstairs are made of plain white styrofoam.  We lower our cups ~ at the same time again.  Submissivania bumps my shoulder with her shoulder, on purpose I am sure, which spills my coffee, a little bit of it.  We both look down to see the splash on Cortez Street ~ 3-stories below ~ but we see nothing ~ nothing but people strolling by…

~ Rawclyde!





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