Gun Nightmare!




Our streets are bastions of immorality ruled by gun-toting thugs…



Everyone has gotta have a gun…



America left Iraq in chaos…



Sometimes two isn’t enough…



Baghdad is overrun by bullies & hoodlums…



It’s getting uglier…



The Taliban have left Pakistan no choice…



And uglier…



Now rebels in Seria want our weapons too!



Look what I bought at Walmart, Mom!



4 thoughts on “Gun Nightmare!

  1. HI and thank you for dropping by Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary Rawclyde..Guns are like cars, they are only dangerous when those who handle them do so irresponsibly or when angered … Or in the case of Nations when their leaders cower behind there force, waving threats.. The Nightmares have always been here, we just got better at using Killing weapons en-mass..

    When people wake up from FEAR and stop thinking everyone is their enemy and out to get what they have Then maybe- Maybe then we can live in Peace and have no need for Weapons..

    But maybe I am just a Dreaming Dreamwalker! 🙂 😉
    Many thanks for the link to your Blog

    • Maybe there’s more of us dreamy dreamwalkers around than anyone can begin to imagine, huh?

      And thank you very much for dropping by! If you wish, please drop by again & again…

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