Two months later…



GUN 2013

Chapter 22


At the end of the event, I know what I saw & what I didn’t see inside the burning saloon.  A large wooden eagle & Wayne Peeintheair were in there.  Then they weren’t.  And that’s all I saw.  The rest is smoke & flames.

If the colorfully painted sculpture of the Bald Eagle, 8 to 10-feet tall, transformationed some how into a live entity via a mysterious divine magic ~ if this holy bird picked up Peeintheair in her mighty talons & escaped out the partially burned-away dome in the ceiling of the flaming Bird Cage Saloon ~ if this actually occurred ~ it buffaloes me as much as it buffaloes anybody else.

You, kind & gentle reader, can believe it or not.  It doesn’t matter.  But I know what I saw.  And I know what I believe.

“The son-of-a-gun got carried away by that fricking bird!” bursts forth I to Submissivania while viewing the bellicose NRA spokesman on television a couple months later.  And, alas, I’m wearing my new hat, breaking it in, so to speak.

On the evening news, there’s Wayne Peeintheair saying, “There is nothing President Obama will not do to destroy the 2nd Amendment…”

The gall!  After all we went through Peeintheair is still leading folks astray so that his gun-manufacturing cronies can get filthier & filthier rich.  He’s probably still handing out loaded derringers to unsuspecting children too .  “Well, this isn’t over ~ not by a long shot!” bluster I.

“I like the plastic ear on the side of his head,” calmly comments Submissivania.  “That’s really cute.”

She smiles broadly…


by Rawclyde!


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