Who is Submissivania Whapp?




Submissivania Whapp is fiction.  As a literary character she’s barely alive ~ but alive never the less.  She’s the heroine in the short novel GUN 2013.  It’s a secret-agent story.

Ms. Whapp’s origins are many.  A pretty stranger that got on the bus.  A crazy friend of mine from the U.S. Army.  A charismatic writer of erotica.  And a quite attractive fashion designer.  Place these 4 real women, and any other woman who walks by, in a box & tie it with a bow, and you got Submissivania Whapp ~ thru mine eyes.  I love her ~ as well as the women on whom she is based ~ be the love shallow, superficial, or just plain simple.  I created her ~ with a little involuntary help from my sweetest of friends.

Of course, the claim is Submissivania Whapp has absolutely nothing to do with anybody real & is pure fiction.  This claim is author’s protective armor & that is all.  But in actuality she is based on a woman I knew & a few others I wish I knew but really don’t.

What happens to her now?  Well, I guess that’s up to me.  Submissivania Whapp is what makes being an author ~ fun.



The story:




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