Doctor No & Me


I read the paperback book when I was in the 9th grade ~ after I saw the movie in the 8th grade…



I didn’t know who Sean Connery or Ursula Andress were, let alone James Bond, when I first viewed the film…



I was introduced to Ursula Andress when with about 8 friends at the Fox Theatre.  Doctor No & James Bond introduced us little 8th graders to her as Honey Rider.  And she was larger than life ~ there in 1964!



This scene reminds me of Submissivania Whapp and myself in GUN 2013 ~ a short novel I finished writing recently…


007 poster

Ursula Andress & Sean Connery never starred as Submissivania Whapp & yours truly in GUN 2013, but they might as well have…


GUN 2013

a secret-agent tale by Rawclyde!

(free read)



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