NRA Court Jesters



The National Rifle Association (NRA) leaders, as vocalized by Wayne La Pierre (its spokesman) & Ted Nugent (a board member), seem to believe NRA members lack enough durability and intellect to obtain a gun license, and to register and insure their guns ~ and thus obtain partnership with their democracy and government.

The NRA leadership is alienating their members from the rest of the national population via paranoia, conspiracy hoaxes, and a dumb logic so full of loopholes that it resembes taxes for the rich in the United States of America.  The mass murder of children in an elementary school by an over-armed citizen in 2012 seems to have generated such reaction instead of an attempt to work & compromise with the rest of the nation in order to narrow the possibility of such evil to occur again.  Instead, the NRA leadership’s knowledge & ownership of deadly hardware seems to have gone to its head.  Consequently, all that they inspire is a goon-ish & blatant backpedal into Civil War consciousness.  These NRA leaders seem to want to generate targets for their well-armed members ~ so that they have something very serious to take pot-shots at ~ like U.S. drones, attack helicopters, warthog planes, F-14 fighter jets, and other armed vehicles, not to mention American soldiers & policemen.

The NRA leaders’ most viable role in American society & politics, around the corner, if not already, is as their membership’s & the gun industry’s court jesters. 

If I was an NRA member, I’d campaign for & elect some real leaders…





4 thoughts on “NRA Court Jesters

  1. “If I was an NRA member, I’d campaign for & elect some real leaders…”

    I am an NRA member and I would reply to your post if there were any actual facts to reply to.


      • What I am saying is that if your criticism had more correlation to facts that would be a much more powerful story. I am open to criticism of the NRA. They are clearly a political organization and an organization dedicated to serving what they see as their paying clients, that is, me and a lot of people like me.

        As an organization that protects 2nd Amendment rights they are fairly moderate compared to some other smaller ones.

        But if you want change, then make real constructive criticism. Whatever you may think, the NRA are not collectively a herd of evil trolls. 🙂


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