Note From The Editor

What the schmuck am I trying to prove with my rewrapping of “A Nation Of Cowards” by Jeffrey R. Snyder?


I’m merely presenting the right-wing classic amidst links to my own left-wing tall ones in an offering of contrasts.  If anybody even notices, Snyder’s classic freedom-of-arms essay, thus, is publicizing my extremely lesser known works on the links.  Well, there’s a Sufi sermon too on one of the links.  The Sufi sermon kind of fell in there by accident.  I left it there cuz it’s relevant.  Other than the sermon, what we have here on these links is, well, self-advertizing.  What else can I say about it?  Ahh, the art!  The beautiful artwork discovered & dug-up in artist Genzoman’s gallery is enchanting & just right for the job!

Okay, okay, I’m the first one to admit that I am an idiot.

“A Nation of Cowards” is a classic, a coup d’ grace, a beautiful piece of writing on the freedom to bare firearms.  Perhaps having dwelt throughout my lifetime in some fringes of conservative thought, I have a certain affinity with this essay.  For example, I like westerns.

I think more left-wingers should be familiar with Snyder’s essay so that they aren’t so silly & redundant to right-wingers.  And I’d like right wingers to enjoy my tall ones.  And, of course, I’d like to see everybody get along & come up with solutions together.  So there!

Am I making any sense?  Please scroll on down.  Maybe I am.  I am.  I am.



Go ahead!

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