The muse ~ what a concept ~ what a phenomena!  Creativity is inspired by ~ a muse.  Amusing concept.  Bemusing phenomena.  Well, you have to tap into something other than an empty barrel.  So Greek Mythology did.  Thus we have the muses ~ a god’s nine daughters ~ or any somewhat special woman ~ or man ~ or entity ~ to inspire creativity.

Once upon a time, I spent some time at a Christian mission.  While residing there, I found work.  Eventually I left the mission, rented a trailer & continued to work.  As soon as I moved into the trailer, I got good & drunk, sobered up, and began to write.  I couldn’t write at the mission.  The place stifled my creativity.  The job was a block away & I worked it & in the trailer I wrote.  And what did my muse inspire me to write?

Porno of course.  That’s what it turned into.  You can call it erotica.  But it was porno, pure & simple.  I decided this wouldn’t do.  So what kind of solution did I come up with?  And was the solution really mine?  Or was it ~ a muse’s?

Well, the muse for this particular writing project, it figgers after living at a mission, turned out to be ~ the Holy Ghost.  Three years later an endless narrative rhyme, Deep Desert Blues, was completed ~ incidentally, one week before my mother died.

So go ahead & pick your muse.  Or let a muse pick you.  Then live with it & be ~ creative!


Deep Desert Blues

by Rawclyde!



Go ahead!

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