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Everyone is to obey the governing authorities, because there is no authority except from God and so whatever authorities exist have been appointed by God.  So anyone who disobeys an authority is rebelling against God’s ordinance; and rebels must expect to receive the condemnation they deserve.  Magistrates bring fear not to those who do good, but to those who do evil.  So if you want to live with no fear of authority, live honestly and you will have its approval; it is there to serve God for you and for your good.  But if you do wrong, then you may well be afraid; because it is not for nothing that the symbol of authority is the sword: it is there to serve God, too, as his avenger, to bring retribution to wrongdoers…


Romans Chapter 13

Saint Paul

The New Jerusalem Bible


…You must be obedient, therefore, not only because of this retribution, but also for conscience’s sake.  And this is why you should pay taxes, too, because the authorities are all serving God as his agents, even while they are busily occupied with that particular task.  Pay to each one what is due to each: taxes to the one to whom tax is due, tolls to the one to whom tolls are due, respect to the one to whom respect is due, honor to the one to whom honor is due.

The only thing you should owe to anyone is love for one another, for to love the other person is to fulfill the law.  All these: You shall not commit adultery, You shall not kill, You shall not steal, You shall not covet, and all the other commandments that there are, are summed up in this single phrase: You must love your neighbor as yourself.  Love can cause no harm to your neighbor, and so love is the fulfillment of the Law.

Besides, you know the time has come; the moment is here for you to stop sleeping and wake up, because by now our salvation is nearer than when we first began to believe.  The night is nearly over, daylight is on the way; so let us throw off everything that belongs to the darkness and equip ourselves for the light.  Let us live decently, as in the light of day; with no orgies or drunkenness, no promiscuity or licentiousness, and no wrangling or jealousy.  Let your armour be the Lord Jesus Christ, and stop worrying about how your disordered natural inclinations may be fulfilled…


Saint Paul’s Transformation


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Joel Lewis


Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio






America as a gun culture…

Haydiya's Mom and Michelle

Haydia Pendleton, an innocent 15-year-old girl, after performing at the U.S. President’s 2013 inaugural ceremony, was killed by a young hooligan in a Chicago shooting a week later.  Haydia’s mom, Cleo, was invited by First Lady Michelle Obama to the State of The Union Address the following month (shown above).  The bereaved mother, in a nationwide internet ad, is now calling for more thorough background checks at all gun sales:



America as a gun culture…


“The AR-15 is today’s musket”

~ says David R. Keene NRA president…


The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution:

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security
of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear
arms, shall not be infringed.”


The automobile, like the gun, is a lethal instrument, and the states have recognized it as such by requiring that each driver as well as each car must be registered and that each driver must meet certain specified qualifications. It is mildly inconvenient to conform, but no one seriously objects to the general principle, as gun lobbyists do to gun registration… American legislators have been inordinately responsive to the tremendous lobby maintained by the National Rifle Association, in tandem with gunmakers and importers… One must wonder how grave a domestic gun catastrophe would have to be in order to persuade us. How far must things go?

~ Richard Hoffstadter

(1916 – 1970)




“Today I Hate The Whole World”


by Lucretia


NRA-bullied gun laws victimize U.S. schools…

So while La Pee-in-the-air of the National Rifle Association bad mouths our president for advancing the healing of the broken-hearted families of the victims of NRA-lobbied watered-down gun-law, Americans blink and yawn and figure out who is the good guy.  Let me give you a hint.  It ain’t Pee-in-the-air.  Obama is THE GOOD GUY.

Secret-agent work by Rawclyde!

Secret agent work by Rawclyde!




Get My Drift?


When it comes to maniacs with guns slaughtering our citizens, especially children, the solution must include more strict gun legislation and armed guards

The National Rifle Association (the NRA), representing the political right, thinks armed guards patrolling the schools is the only solution.  But Moms Against Guns, representing the political left, think less availability of guns is the only solution.  Why not do both?  More convincing gun legislation and armed guards

The eagle won’t fly without the left wing & the right wing flapping in some kind of unison.  Otherwise, Big Bird stays perched ~ and the slaughter continues…

~ Rawclyde!