To Senator Jeff Flake AZ…


Hello Senator Jeff Flake ~

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy of 20 first-grade children and their educators slain by an assault-weapon wielding mentally-ill young man ~ something must be done.  I believe we have no choice.  This is why I urge you to become involved in the legislation of, at least, smaller magazine clips and thorough background checks for the purchase of guns, especially at gun shows.

Also, I think it would be beneficial, for Republican congress members and for our public schools, if you were to insist on the hiring of and providing federal dollars for more school resource officers, preferably armed, in our public schools.

I voted as an Independent in Yuma, 2012.  I served in the U.S. Army, 1980-84…

Which brings to mind, Sir, I believe our soldiers in Afghanistan would like to see Chuck Hagel commence his Secretary of Defense duties ASAP.  Your co-operation in regards to this appointment would be much appreciated…

Good day, Sir.

Yours truly ~

P.S. Good luck with your Sequestration debacle…